Two part impossible one part may be

Two Parts Impossible, One Part May Be

Choki Lindberg, Jeroen Cremers, Toni van Tiel

group exhibition


Galerie Bart is proud to present Two Parts Impossible, One Part May Be, an exhibition that explores the idea of long forgotten utopias, future dystopias and alternative realities. The exhibited artists Choki Lindberg, Jeroen Cremers and Toni van Tiel are operating on the borders of the impossible and what could be.

Jeroen Cremers

In the surrealistic and alienating work of Jeroen Cremers (1972, NL), various influences melt together into a new world view in which modernist stylistic influences merge effortlessly with the history of ancient Egypt, or other ancient cultures.
The sculptures can be recognised because of their animal bodies and are clear references to found statues of ancient gods.
The heads have been abstracted and replaced by strange stacks of geometric shapes. Cubes and pyramids dominate in Cremers’ new sculptures. The combined Shapes refer to the past, but also to elements from science fiction, such as the black monolith from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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Photography: David Meulenbeld