Creature an exhibition at Reiter galery Berlin curated by Sebastian Neeb.

Participating artists: Jeroen Cremers, Soojin Kang, Marianna Ignataki, Sebastian Neeb, Chuan Lun Wu

Is creature a term of abuse? What creatures aret here?Are humans creatures?* The term CREATURE is ambiguous and multi-layered.It is both positively connoted in connection with the divine story of creation (“we are all God’s creatures”),as well as being a term of contempt for all forms of life (“wretched loath some creature”).In recent times one can also find value neutral uses of the term. For example in the Swiss constitution reference is made to the“dignity of the creature”,where it serves as a synonym for all earthly animals. Finally the term also serves as a desigation for all imaginary beings wherever man plays a role as creator. The exhibition of the same name is dedicated to the ambiguity of the term creature exploring it through five different artist positions within the context of contemporary art. *Frequent Google search queries in connection with the term creature.