Paperworks 2023

Art made of paper and cardboard
23 April – 22 October 2023
In 2023, the Kunstmuseum will continue its annual guest performance at Museum Schloss Hellenstein. After previous exhibitions of sculptures made of metal and wood provided insights into two contrasting sculptural materials, the third exhibition in the series will focus on two further materials: paper and cardboard.
The exhibition in the Schlosskirche and in the Obervogteisaal comprises around 20 artistic positions, which are intended to illustrate the diversity of the medium. These range from small to room-sized structures, from self-made paper to industrial materials and from abstract to detailed, figurative sculptures.
In their entirety, the exhibited works show the broad spectrum of design possibilities. In contrast to metals, for example, paper is more readily available, space-saving and inexpensive. It does not even require heavy equipment to work on it. Folding, crumpling, tearing, gluing, riveting and layering elicit ever new manifestations from this everyday material.
The topic is also suitable for an exhibition in Heidenheim because this is where the history of industrial paper production began and history is still being made by the Voith company in the town on the Brenz. A showcase of the Historical Museums provides an insight into an early patent and thus into the beginnings of industrial paper production.