Ctrl Alt Del

trl Alt Del
Solo show Jeroen Cremers
His sculptures of cardboard and ceramics refer to a fictional decayed world reminiscent of both ancient cultures and an absurdist cartoon world. The recurring theme in Jeroen Cremers’ work is the continuous process of decay and construction, to which the title therefore refers. Control Alt Delete can be visited daily from 3 July to 6 August 2023 at De Cacaofabriek Expo.
‘Control-Alt-Delete’ is a key combination originally intended to reset the computer. The command ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ is a soft reboot and, in this exhibition, refers to the human tendency towards (self)destruction. Seized by ‘iconoclasm’ and ‘iconoclasm’, Jeroen Cremers examines how people influence each other and build and demolish the world they live in. His work often covers bodies or body parts: they appear to be remnants of a battlefield. A separate series are the heads, or tronies, referring to masks of indigenous cultures and pure fantasy at the same time.
Grim heads, fabulous animals, a seated headless figure, from small to impressively large size; Jeroen Cremers’ sculptures seem to form a strange, dystopian world. Cremers’ monumental cardboard sculptures are best known. Not an obvious material, cardboard is at once rigid and fragile. Cremers knows how to make the best use of the material’s properties for his work. Besides the cardboard sculptures and heads, ceramic sculptures and collages can be seen in the exhibition. Recently, Cremers has also had work cast in bronze.
Jeroen Cremers has lived and worked in Maastricht, Amsterdam, Berlin and recently in the south of France. Wherever he settles, he invests in connecting with colleagues from the area. In 2020, he showed his work at De Cacaofabriek in the group exhibition Berlin Baustelle, with artists from Berlin. Now Cremers is back in De Cacaofabriek with the solo exhibition Control Alt Delete: from 3 July to 6 August 2023.
Photography: Biek van Bree