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Mirrors of time

Mirrors of time Everything in life reflects time. Time reflects anything in life. This is also the case for castle in Oud-Rekem, which came to international recognition as an acclaimed venue for many extraordinary exhibitions. It is there where Annemie Van Laethem & Erik Croux thiry years ago found the place to give art a […]

Big Art 2019

The key inspiration for the installation „Silent Bells“ was a scene from the classic western ‚Once upon a Time in the West’. In the particular scene an old church bell and its chime stands in the center. The scene reflects a state of paralysis. A state in which the viewer feels the potential of a threatening […]

The straw that broke the camels back

Solo exhibition Jeroen Cremers in Odapark Venray The proverbial back of the camel The straw that broke the camel’s back. That is the title of the solo exhibition of Jeroen Cremers formerly Jerry Kowalsky, in Odapark – Center for contemporary art – Venray. Born as Jeroen Cremers in Reuver, Limburg, he is now making a […]

Events close to crisispoint

Events close to crisis point – Jeroen Cremers formerly known as Jerry Kowalsky Vernisage 08.09 2017 19.00h 09 -23.09.2017  BcmA Berlin Manteuffelstraße 42, 10997 Berlin. The crisis casts a colorful semantic shadow when the Dutch artist fabricates his sculptures made out of cardboard and metal screws. With sympathetic perseverance and reduced, carefully chosen means and […]